EV Charger Installation in Secaucus, New Jersey

Have you finally taken the plunge and traded in your car for an electric vehicle? It can be a little overwhelming at first as you learn to navigate charging your car. Although having a charging station at home isn’t strictly necessary, it can make owing an EV a lot easier. At Xpert Electric, we can set you up with an EV charger so that you can charge your car whenever you want. 

Should You Invest in an Electric Car Charger?

Some electric vehicle owners in Secaucus, NJ are lucky enough to have EV charging stations at work and can get into a really good rhythm of charging it during the day. However, if there are no convenient charging stations, it can be hard to get a good charge when you need it. Having your own can come with quite a few benefits. Here are just three: 

Faster Charging Times: You may be fine with long charging times if you don’t use your car very often. However, if you have a long commute and need your car to charge while you sleep every night, you don’t have the luxury of time. Installing your own charger can ensure that you always have a fully charged car when you need one. 

No More Waiting: Have you ever had to wait in line to charge your car at the shopping center? Public car charging stations aren’t always easy to come by, and sometimes you’re not first in line. When you have your own, you can always charge when you want to. 

Get the Best Charge: Almost everyone knows the frustration of watching a phone battery get worse over the course of a couple of years. The same thing happens to EV batteries. However, charging it correctly can help keep your battery going. It’s best if you can keep your battery between 20% and 80%, and this is easy to control if you are charging it at home. 

Which Charger Should You Install? 

There are three different types of chargers that you can buy for your EV. Which one you choose for your EV charger installation will depend on your needs. 

  • Level 1: This charger comes with your car and can be plugged into any normal outlet as long as your panel has enough amps. It will charge your car slowly which will help preserve the battery but can also be inconvenient for times when you need it charged fast. 
  • Level 2: Most people choose Level 2 EV chargers because they are a good middle ground and charge a lot faster than a Level 1. Your electrician will need to perform an outlet installation to put in a 240-volt circuit in your garage (this is the kind of outlet used for your washer and dryer), but this is easy to do. We can have you up and running quickly at Xpert Electric. 
  • Level 3: You will get the fastest charge with Level 3. However, this kind of charger is expensive to install and is usually not used in residential properties. 

What to Expect from Your Installation

At Xpert Electric, the first thing we will do is check your electrical system to make sure it can handle the additional stress of a charger. You may need a panel upgrade or other electrical services before we put in the charger. We can help you narrow down whether an indoor or outdoor charging station is better and then make a plan for the installation. We will take care of everything from there. 

Trusting Your Neighbors at Xpert Electric

At Xpert Electric we have worked hard for years to gain our reputation in the Secaucus area for reliable electrical repairs and installations. We are happy to have the chance to serve your family by installing a charger for your electric vehicle. Give us a call today!