Home Surge Protection in Wayne, NJ

Think about all of the devices, appliances, and electronics plugged into the walls throughout your home. This might include things like your refrigerator, microwave, oven, light fixtures, HVAC system, computers, TVs, and consoles. You likely depend on all of these things for basic needs and comfort. However, when a power surge tears through your electrical system, things can go sideways very quickly.

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After a power surge, anything plugged in at the time might start to behave strangely, limiting its usefulness. Some things might not work at all anymore. The end result? You have to repair or replace your essential devices so you can get back to normal. That’s why residential surge protection is so important. 

With Xpert Electric, you can equip your home with whole-home surge protection to save all of your equipment from the hazards of power surges. 

Causes of Power Surges in Wayne, NJ

A power surge happens when a huge amount of electricity pours into your home’s electrical system all at once. 

Even though a power surge is short-lived, typically only fractions of a second, its effects can be devastating. 

So what causes them? Power surges have a wide variety of sources, but they tend to start in one of two places, damaged power lines or the appliances in your home.

Lightning strikes, falling tree limbs, car accidents, and malfunctions at the factory can all affect nearby power lines, leading to power surges. 

Your appliances can also cause power surges when they cycle on. The most common source of power outages is something within the home, whether it be faulty wiring, your air conditioner, or an overloaded circuit. 

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How Home Surge Protection Can Help

When a power surge strikes your home, a surge protector will detect the surge and funnel all of the excess power into a ground wire, where it will do no harm. 

With a combination of plug-in surge protectors and a whole-house surge protector, you can effectively remove the threat of power surges.

Options for Residential Surge Protection

You might have seen power strips that function as surge protectors, but these are only designed to protect the things that are directly plugged into them. Plug-in options like this won’t be helpful for everything in your home, although they are effective at protecting vulnerable equipment, like major appliances and computers. 

However, when a power surge strikes from outside the home, it’s essential to remember that it hits everything. In this case, your best option will be a whole-house surge protector. 

At Xpert Electric, our qualified electricians can install a whole-house surge protector by wiring it directly into your electrical panel. When protection is installed in this way, the surge protector will stop a surge before it can do damage anywhere in your home.

Important Considerations

When you’re considering the benefits of a whole-house surge protector installation, there’s a lot to keep in mind. 

Your whole-house surge protector should be UL-listed, which means that it was tested and approved by an independent third party. Different levels of protection are available, too, with a voltage rating ranging between 10,000 amps and 30,000 amps — the latter providing the best protection. 

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