Electrical Services in Wayne, New Jersey

Let’s face it: electricians are likely the only people that don’t take their home electrical systems for granted. Because much of it is hidden in the wall, usually works, and is silent, you forget about it and assume all is well. But have you considered how electrical usage has dramatically increased over time, yet only the newest construction reflects that increased demand in terms of safety and convenience? In other words, if you are living in an older home with its original electrical system, it is most likely that you are placing demands upon that system that it was not designed to handle. And this can lead to safety threats to you and your loved ones. Who might use the services of an experienced electrician? What can the electrician do for me? How does one choose the right electrician for your project?

Folks needing Residential Electrical Services generally fall into one of two categories:
– those with evidence that their system might be inadequate
– those contemplating a remodeling project.

I’m Calling an Electrician Because Something Seems Wrong

In that first category, we usually find those who (i) just purchased a new home, or (ii) have observed warning signs of systemic overuse or neglect. If you just bought a new (used) home, the pre-purchase inspector might have suggested that the electrical system requires attention. For example, there is a fuse box rather than a circuit breaker panel; there are only 50 amps of power entering the house; each bedroom contains insufficient outlets, and they are all in the wrong place; there are insufficient numbers or types of outlets in the kitchen, bath, laundry, garage, basement, utility room; there is evidence of “homemade” electrical “repairs” in the basement or garage; outdoor power sources, lighting, and security are inadequate.

On the other hand, you may have been in your home for some time, and those toddlers who formerly relied upon muscle power are now demanding upgrades to accommodate their gaming and streaming videos. Perhaps all the lights dim when the air conditioner kicks on? Or maybe one or more outlets provide a shower of sparks when it is used. Or you are constantly running to the fuse/breaker panel when a certain combination of power-hungry devices is used? Are any of your outlets blackened? Do you have any permanently “dead” outlets or lighting fixtures? All of these are signs of a system under stress, with demands being made that it was not intended to handle. In all of these cases, it is wise to call that experienced, local electrician before that inconvenience becomes a life-threatening safety problem.

I’m Calling an Electrician Because of a Remodeling Project

Your needs will evolve, and technology will evolve to make more things possible. Remodeling projects will typically involve the design and installation of a new electrical subsystem to reflect new, or redesigned, space. In all cases, it is wise to consult an experienced, local electrician during the planning stages. Such projects might involve:

-“smart home” upgrades and installations
-home office, home theater, gaming, or utility room
-addition or renovation of the existing structure
-kitchen or bath remodel
-new garage, attached or detached
-security enhancements, interior or exterior
-exterior project such as a shed, cabana, patio

Should I Do It Alone?

Electrical Repairs and installations are not for the faint of heart. In the age of the DIY video, it might seem all projects are within reach. But considering the safety of your family and residence, not all projects are created equal. For example, installing new shelving in a garage, or a new toilet in your bath would typically involve little risk of catastrophic injury or damage. The same cannot be said for electrical work. And if you contemplate selling your home, you will be required to disclose all of the repairs you made, and demonstrate that the proper permits were pulled for the work. Is it worth the trouble of complicating your home sale? Using a local, experienced trusted electrician will bring peace of mind.

Choose Wisely

Choose your electrician wisely. Are they experienced? Are they local, and area residents? Do they have favorable verified reviews from actual customers? Will they explain what they are doing? Are they reliable and considerate? Insured? Will they keep me informed? Will they respect my family and my home?

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