Electrical Panel Installation in North Bergen New Jersey

The electrical panel is the center of your home’s power, circulating the flow of electricity through every corner and every floor. You might know it as the breaker box, the main service panel, or the box in the basement with the switches you need to turn on when a circuit blows. Chances are your electrical panel is about as old as your house, and that could mean decades. 

Technology is constantly advancing, and it has certainly improved since your first electrical panel installation. Whether there is something wrong with your panel or just getting up there in years, you can trust Xpert Electric with your next electrical panel installation.

Why Electrical Panel Installation Is Important

Imagine all the devices and appliances in your home that entertain you, cook your food, dry your hair, keep you warm when it’s cold or cool when it’s hot. Without your electrical panel, none of it works. No lights, no refrigerator, no heating system, or no air conditioner. Of course, your home most likely has an electrical panel, so you don’t worry about these things. However, what you should consider is the age of your panel.

Over time, your panel can wear out, leading to energy inefficiencies and potential hazards that you want to avoid at all costs. Further, an old enough panel might not properly support modern appliances, which tend to draw much more power than older technology. An old, worn-out electrical panel can lead to frequent loss of power, assuming it doesn’t break down entirely.

When You Should Replace Your Electrical Panel

There are several reasons to consider replacing your electrical panel. The most obvious one is age. If your electrical panel is over 20 years old, you’re working with a potentially dangerous panel. Homeowners are no longer allowed to use old panel versions due to safety concerns addressed by newer panels. If you suspect your panel is old, don’t wait. Get a new one as soon as you can.

If you’re frequently resetting the breaker due to a blown circuit, there may be a deeper underlying issue that needs addressing. The easiest solution to this is to replace the electrical panel outright. Similarly, if you find that you’re frequently ordering repairs for your electrical panel, don’t continue with the hassle. A replacement panel will be a more straightforward, cost-effective solution.

Choose Xpert Electric for Professional Electrical Panel Installation

Master electricians need at least 12,000 hours of in-field experience to be considered masters of the trade. With Xpert Electric, you get a veteran-owned business with a rock-solid team of master electricians ready to address every electrical need in your home. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we won’t stop working until you’re pleased with our craftsmanship.

When one of our electricians is on the job site at your home, you can expect a constant professional and courteous attitude. Our employees will explain every single step they’re taking to complete your project. We won’t leave you in the dark.

Give us a call today for electrical panel installation to upgrade your home’s safety, efficiency, and power capabilities.