EV Charger Installation in Hoboken, New Jersey

As electric vehicles grow in popularity, it can be easier for EV owners to find places to charge their cars. You can find stations in the parking lot of your grocery store or next to the pump at the gas station. But using one of these can sometimes feel like just another chore you have to do before you can finally go home for the day. Having your own EV charging station in your garage at home will allow you to be in your living room relaxing in your PJs that much faster. 

At Xpert Electric, we specialize in EV Charger Installation for residential properties in Hoboken, NJ. You can have your own station up and running faster than you thought possible. We have put together all of the information you will need to get started on the process. 

Is an Electric Vehicle Charger a Good Investment?

Some people can get along fine either with the slower charger that came with the car or by using charging stations around town. However, if trying those two tactics hasn’t been working for you, it may be time to equip your garage with its own charging station. 

A charging station will give you the flexibility to charge your car whenever you want. It will also charge your car about twice as fast as the one that came with your vehicle. Plus, the speed that you get at your gas station can be a lot harder on your battery over time. A slower charge is better for your battery. With a charging station, you can find a good balance between something that’s too fast and something that’s too slow. 

How to Choose the Right Charger

The EV charger that we recommend for almost everyone in the Hoboken area is a Level 2 charger. This is a step up from the Level 1 charger that came with your car. You will get a complete charge overnight since it takes about 8 to go from 0-100% charge. 

Many people are curious about Level 3 chargers. It’s true that these stations take even less time, but most residential electrical grids can’t handle the load. They aren’t even allowed in many areas, so you would want to check with your supply company.

Getting the Most Out of Your Installation

When you work with Xpert Electric, all of the little details of the installation are taken care of by a friendly electrician. We will communicate with you at every step, and we take all of the stress out of the process. Your house may not be set up to have a charger installed, but this is easy for us to fix. A Level 2 charger needs a 240-volt outlet which you will recognize as the type of outlet you plug your washing machine into. We can take care of this with our outlet installation services. We will also let you know if you need to upgrade your electrical panel to something with more amps. 

Xpert Electric: Working Hard for You!

At Xpert Electric, we are easy to work with. We get the job done fast, but we also pay attention to all the details. We don’t believe in having to come back because we didn’t do it right the first time. We care about families in Hoboken, NJ because we are a locally owned family business. Our values of integrity, friendliness, and honesty are in everything we do. With upfront estimates, you will always know what to expect even for the smallest of electrical services. 

We are excited to be able to serve your family. We would love to get the process started today. If you have any questions about EV charger installation, we are happy to answer them. Just give us a call and we will get you the information you need. We are here for you at Xpert Electric.