Home Surge Protection in Wayne, NJ

Most people think of power surges as being rare occurrences that they don’t have to worry about unless there are serious storms brewing. While it’s true that lightning strikes can cause incredibly damaging power surges, you shouldn’t assume that your home is safe just because the skies are clear. Instead, take preventative action now and install home surge protection in Wayne.

If you want to take preventative action against power surges, give Xpert Electric a call. We offer professional home surge protector installation in Wayne and know just what it takes to protect all of your most sensitive electronics.

What Are Power Surges?

Power surges are brief but often significant increases in electrical charge along the electric lines. They can occur not just as a result of storms but also when things go wrong with the utility company’s equipment, power lines go down, or the major appliances in your home upset the system’s steady voltage. While the last of these occurrences is minor enough to be handled by circuit breakers, the rest are far more intense than could be handled by the average electrical panel. If your home’s not actively protected, it can cause immediate damage to sensitive electronics, appliances, and devices.

What Are Home Surge Protectors?

You’ve probably seen the surge protectors designed for computers and other sensitive electronics. Users plug them into regular wall outlets and then plug the devices that need protecting into the surge protector strip or block. The surge protector limits excess electrical currents by blocking the flow, which usually means these devices can be used for around two years before they must be replaced.

Home surge protectors, also sometimes referred to as whole-house surge protectors, follow the same principles of operation, but they work a little differently in practice. They are devices that protect entire homes against electrical spikes, typically shorting the excess current to the ground. One of the benefits of whole home surge protection in Wayne is that after professional installation, these devices continue to work without the need for frequent replacement.

Types of Home Surge Protectors

We can install three different types of home surge protectors. They provide different levels of protection, but all offer the key benefits of surge protection in Wayne. Wondering, what type of surge protector do I need in Wayne? If so, here’s what you need to know about each of them to make an informed decision:

Type 1

Type 1 home surge protectors are installed between the utility pole and your home’s power meter before the power enters your property. They offer excellent protection against external power surges from things like lightning strikes.

Type 2

Type 2 home surge protectors are installed at the breaker box. They shield the circuits in the panel from transient voltage and extend protection to any connected sub-panels.

Type 3

Type 3 surge protectors are the ones most people think of when they hear the term. They’re designed for use around the home and can be simply plugged into outlets.

The Benefits of Home Surge Protection

The benefits of home surge protection in Wayne extend beyond the obvious. Of course, they protect sensitive electronics from getting destroyed during major power surges like lightning strikes, but home surge protectors do more than that. A home surge protection installation in Wayne will also extend the lifespan of all the electronics and appliances in the home, including those that can withstand a certain amount of excess power under normal use.

While most large appliances and modern electronics can withstand some level of power spikes, they won’t be able to do so for long without taking damage. The damage adds up, and, eventually, it results in more frequent equipment malfunctions and premature failures. By installing a home surge protector and avoiding these problems, you can expect to pay less in maintenance and replace your devices less frequently.

Learn More About Home Surge Protection in Wayne, NJ

Still wondering, what type of surge protector do I need in Wayne? Or already know exactly what you want and need an experienced electrician to complete the installation? Either way, you can trust the pros at Xpert Electric. Our team has years of industry experience, so we’ve installed all types of home surge protectors in local homes.

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