EV Charger Installation in Wayne, New Jersey

When you’re the owner of an electric vehicle (EV), keeping your car “fueled” and ready is priority number one. The best way to ensure that is by having an electric car charger installed in your home. Fortunately, New Jersey residents can rely on the team at Xpert Electric to provide top-quality car charger installation services at a price they can afford.

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Reasons to Consider an Electric Car Charger

Many electric vehicles come with an electric charger that is designed to plug into your wall. Why should you consider installing a more advanced charger? There are a few benefits, which we’ll explore below!

Charge Your Vehicle Faster

A basic Level 1 charger can take as long as 20 hours to charge your vehicle’s battery. Upgrading to a Level 2 charger can provide the same level of charge in as little as five to eight hours.

Protect Your Battery

The lifespan of your battery depends on a very specific charging cycle. The best way to adhere to your manufacturer’s specifications is to install your very own electric car charger at your home.

Charge on Your Schedule

Because a higher level of charger is so much faster and more efficient, you’ll love having the flexibility to charge on your schedule, rather than waiting hours for your car to recharge fully.

Types of Car Chargers

There are several types of EV chargers available today.

Level 1 Charger

A Level 1 charger is often included with the purchase of an electric vehicle, but as we noted, this kind of charger can take up to 20 hours to provide a full charge for your car.  

Level 2 Charger

A Level 2 charger requires a 240-volt circuit, but it operates with greater speed and efficiency than a Level 1 charger. Xpert Electric can install a Level 2 charger in your garage so that you have the convenience of a committed charging station right at your residence.

Level 3 Charger

A Level 3 charger is the most advanced charging station, but these require an industrial power supply. Most homeowners will receive the greatest benefit from a Level 2 charging station.

Contact us online or give us a call at (201) 393-2420 to learn more about our EV Charger services or to schedule an appointment.

What to Expect from an EV Charger

Xpert Electric is committed to providing quality service to the owners of electric vehicles. Here are some of the questions we commonly hear from customers:

Will I Need to Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

If you install a 240-volt EV charger, you may need to upgrade your electrical panel to do so. We can provide this service at or around the same time we install your charging station.

Are EV Chargers Only for Indoor Use?

While indoor-rated chargers are ideal for most consumers, we can also provide charging stations that are rated for outdoor use.

Can One Charger Serve Two Vehicles?

Most chargers can only charge one vehicle at a time. If you have multiple electric cars, you may consider installing two charging stations for maximum convenience. We can work with you to ensure that both stations are compatible with your vehicles.

Car Charger Installation Near Me

Xpert Electric proudly serves customers in Wayne, NJ, as well as Hudson, Bergen, and the surrounding communities. Our family-owned operation provides a variety of electrical services for local residents. When you’re ready to install an EV charger in your home, contact us for friendly, reliable service.

Contact us online or give us a call at (201) 393-2420 to learn more about our EV Charger services or to schedule an appointment.