EV Charger Repair Service in Wayne, New Jersey

In the past, electric vehicles had a poor reputation in terms of speed, maneuverability, and durability. Those issues have been addressed by auto manufacturers, which has led to an increasing number of electric cars on the road. 

Today’s EV is efficient, safe, and more environmentally friendly than other vehicles. In addition to helping you reduce your carbon footprint in Wayne, NJ, electric cars are easy to charge on your own property. The best part is that if you choose a professional for your EV car charger installation, you will rarely require an EV charger repair.

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At Xpert Electric, we can help you install and maintain the EV chargers you’ll need to keep your electric vehicles operational. Charging your vehicle at home will also save on your energy costs by avoiding the extra fees applied by service stations.

If you’re ready to leave the inconvenience and extra costs of charging your car at a service station behind, call us at Xpert Electric. Even after the installation is complete, our EV charger repair services will help you keep your charger in good operating condition.

How Are EV Chargers Installed and Set Up for Private Wayne, NJ, Residences?

Before you can have an EV charging station installed on your property, you’ll need to ensure you will meet the necessary governmental requirements. You will also have to prepare your property for installation. An Xpert Electric technician can help you address all of these issues prior to scheduling your installation.

Evaluate Electrical Output

We will evaluate your Wayne, NJ home’s energy output capacity. If your current electrical system isn’t capable of handling the extra output, we may recommend a small upgrade to help you handle the system safely and efficiently. These upgrades will help you avoid ever having to perform an EV charger repair.

Obtain Permits

You’ll also need to obtain permits for maintaining the equipment on your property. Our technicians can also help with this process. We will help you complete and submit the paperwork involved in obtaining your permit. 

Prepare Your Property

You can install your EV chargers any place on your property, but you will have to notify our technician about the location you have chosen. An outdoor charging station will need different cables or additional wiring. It may also need more insulation. 

An Xpert Electric technician can help you choose the best location for your charging station.

Contact us online or give us a call at (201) 393-2420 to learn more about our EV charger repair services or to schedule an appointment.

Common Repairs for the 3 Types of EV Charging Stations in Wayne, NJ

When you buy your charging station, you’ll have to determine which type of charger you want for your home. In choosing your charger, you should consider how upkeep and maintenance will affect you. 

Talk to one of our EV charger technicians at Xpert Electric to learn more about these differences.

Level 1 Charger Repair Needs

This is the standard charger that’s often included with the purchase of a new electric vehicle. While this reduces your upfront costs, you should be aware that it can take up to 20 hours to deliver a full charge to your vehicle. 

The U.S. Department of Energy suggests upgrading the electrical outlet on your property to one that is of commercial grade. This typically costs around $100. Beyond that upgrade, the level 1 charger rarely needs repairs.

Level 2 Charger Repair Needs

While you will have to upgrade your home’s electrical system to accommodate a 240-volt system, the level 2 charger is faster and more energy-efficient. Once an Xpert Electric technician installs the charging station on your Wayne, NJ, property, you’ll have access to quick and convenient charging.

The level 2 charger requires more maintenance to prevent mechanical problems. Particularly when exposed to heavy winds, rain, or snow, the unit can experience faster wear and tear. 

You should wipe the exterior down with a damp cloth on a regular basis. If you notice damage to any of the components, contact an Xpert Electric technician for a repair.

Level 3 Charger Repair Needs

While this option uses the most advanced charging equipment, it’s not suited for residential properties. The industrial equipment it utilizes is designed for commercial businesses. The level 2 charger is ideal for residential property owners in Wayne, NJ.

Since this type of charger is primarily available for public use, it will experience faster wear and tear. If you own a business with a level 3 charger, it should be inspected daily. If you notice that the components are degrading or the unit isn’t giving a proper charge, contact your Xpert Electric technician immediately.

Get the Right Charger

You will also reduce your need for EV charger repair services if you ensure you get the right charger for your situation. Primarily, this means deciding in advance whether you want an indoor charger for your garage or an outdoor charger for your driveway or carport. 

Choosing the right charger is important because an indoor charger isn’t rated for outdoor use.

You should also consider how frequently your charger will be in use. If you have two or more electric vehicles, one charger may not be sufficient. Reducing the stress you place on one charger by installing a second unit will reduce your need for repairs and keep both chargers running longer.

Get Skilled and Professional EV Service and Installation

When you contact Xpert Electric to handle your EV charger installation and care, you’ll be able to trust in your ability to keep your vehicles charged. We also provide all of the electrical repairs, upgrades, and services your home needs to remain safe and efficient in the 21st century. Call us today to manage all of your electrical use needs.

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