Electrical Panel Repair & Upgrade in Secaucus, NJ

Your home in Secaucus, NJ, most likely has an abundance of electronic gadgets that require your electrical system to work at its best. If your electrical panel isn’t strong enough to support the electrical demands, those electronic gadgets you’ve come to rely on won’t work.  

So why don’t electrical panels get the TLC they deserve? If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t think about when your electrical panel was installed or even the last time it was checked. 

Because of the electrical demands of the 21st-century family, that can be a problem. There’s a very good chance your electric panel could use an upgrade. If that’s the case, the experienced professionals at Xpert Electric can help!

What Is an Electrical Panel? 

An electrical panel is responsible for distributing power throughout your house. It is a board with a set of circuits that send power to all of the rooms in your home, giving power to everything from the nightlight in the hallway to the big-screen TV in the family room. 

The circuit system allows you to cut power in one room of the house without disrupting the power throughout the entire home.  

Every homeowner should know where to find their electrical panel in case there is an emergency and they need to suddenly cut or restore power. 

Why Should I Have an Electrical Panel Upgrade? 

The biggest reason people consider an electrical panel upgrade is because their existing one is more than 20 years old. Old panels create a higher risk for a fire or electrical shock. 

Other reasons you should consider an electrical panel installation include:

  • Your circuits break easily
  • Your panels have previous damage from an electrical fire
  • You notice a burning odor
  • Your lights flicker or won’t turn on
  • You’re planning to add more appliances to your home
  • You’ve built on an addition to your home

If your home in Secaucus, NJ, has any of these signs, it’s time for a new electrical panel installation. We’ll take a look at a few other factors that could influence your decision below!

New Appliance Installation 

Problematic electrical panels are not the only reason you may need to consider an upgrade. If you recently purchased new appliances, older electrical panels may not be able to handle the demands of these additions. 

Major appliances include refrigerators, air conditioners, hot tubs, washers, dryers, and more. If you’ll be adding these appliances to your home, reach out to the team at Xpert Electric. We’ll make sure your home has the power it needs.

Fuse Box Replacement 

Fuses are becoming a thing of the past. Most modern homes have circuit breakers because they are more efficient and do not trip when they become overloaded. 

When Xpert Electric upgrades the breaker box, we can eliminate the large mess of wires that have been added over the years. Furthermore, upgrading to a circuit breaker panel adds value to your home! 

Reduction in Homeowner’s Insurance Rates

Having a new electrical panel installed can help to reduce the amount you pay for homeowners insurance. Having a circuit breaker can mean a safer home, which can qualify you for a lower rate on your annual homeowner’s insurance premiums.  

What Are the Steps Involved in an Electrical Panel Upgrade? 

Before our electricians can replace your electrical panel, we’ll reach out to the local utility company. A representative from the company will need to do a visual inspection before it can be approved for replacement. 

Next, we’ll seek out a building permit. The project must be coordinated with the utility company so the electricity can be disconnected while our trained professionals are completing the project.  

Once the utility company has cut the power, our skilled electricians will complete the following steps: 

  • Remove old circuit breakers and labeling 
  • Install the new panel 
  • Update grounding to code 
  • Install the new breakers and label them 
  • Seal all penetrations
  • Inspect the job 
  • Contact the utility company to restore power 
  • Test the system 

Once our electricians are sure everything is working properly, we’ll remove any old equipment and dispose of it.

Can We Do an Electrical Panel Repair? 

You should never attempt to complete electrical panel repairs on your own. At Xpert Electric, our team of experts are well-trained and can handle your repairs efficiently and safely.

If you had your electrical panel recently installed, you may qualify for a repair. Call us for a repair if: 

  • Circuits regularly trip 
  • Indoor lights flicker 
  • A panel feels warm to the touch 
  • Appliances don’t run correctly
  • Outlets are outdated, broken, or not working 
  • When plugging in an appliance, the outlet creates an electrical spark or shock 

Electrical shocks can cause fires, or worse, death. 

Turn to the Professionals at Xpert Electric

At Xpert Electric, we’ll treat you and your home with the respect you deserve. We’ve been delivering high-quality repairs to commercial and residential customers since 2004! 

If you’re ready for an electrical panel upgrade or have questions about repairs, contact Xpert Electric in Secaucus, NJ, today.